Highlights from the One-Year Opportunity Zones Report

Department of Housing and Urban Development:

  • Reduced Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Mortgage Insurance Application Fee for properties located in Opportunity Zones
  • Established the Community Toolkit—learn about how YOUR community can plan for investments in Opportunity Zones
  • Added Opportunity Zones preference points for 18 competitive grants since 2018

Department of Commerce/Census Bureau:

  • Brought together the private and public sectors to develop digital tools that spur investment in Opportunity Zones, through The Opportunity Project

Department of Commerce/Economic Development Administration:

  • Added Opportunity Zones as an Investment Priority
  • Created web-based tool that offers information on EVERY Opportunity Zone

Department of Education:

  • Included a 10-point Competitive Preference Priority in grants to charter school developers for the opening of new charter schools

Department of Justice:

  • Made Opportunity Zones a priority consideration area for funding in response to the opioid epidemic

Department of the Treasury:

  • Promulgated FINAL regulations for the Opportunity Zones incentive, bringing clarity and certainty to investors

Read the full report here.